Successful projects handled by Glassworld Engineering LTD. 2017/18.

We have been committed to delivering quality services to all our client’s regardless of place or nature of the project. We have taken on some of the complex structures regionally and have still successfully delivered in the transformation into  fine and modern looks maintaining the architects and project owner’s desired outcomes.
As we close on the year 2018, the following are just but some of the major projects we’ve taken either in contract or sub-contract arrangements. The details, projects scope and locations vary from personal, organizational and government projects, covering the aspects of door and window installations, aluminum and glass works, stainless steel rails and support reinforcements, cabinets installations and general partitioning plus much more much more..

We ask you to engage us today on projects of the above calibre and even much more among other line of products and services featuring on our website. Get in Touch. Email: / or Call/whatsapp on 070178432