Project Engineering with Glass & Alluminum

GLASSWORLD is a full service Glass and Aluminum company executing diverse project across Kenya for close to a decade now with main Head quarters in VOI. We have a staff of Design Specialists in technical engineering with years of both of experience to guarantee you a professional and timely delivery. All our aluminum and glass assembly operations are performed in our own specialized facility and executed  both off-site and on-site as requested by our clients and in the most affordable terms.


The GLASSWORLD team has over the years focused on this key aspects of engineering amassing tremendous experience & success stories. Our key focus areas in our business. Aluminum Systems. Glass Works, 3D works, Partitioning, General Fabrication and Installations with super Quality control.


  • Glass Works

  • Alluminum Engineering

  • Stainless Steel Works

We offer modern-age outdoor 3D signage solution with illuminated and non-illuminated options that are attractive, effective and durable.

We sell various sets of Glass, aluminum and Stainless Steel items customized to suit you and conduct relevant installation and repairs.

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The Following are some of the project highlights, Executed in diverse industries and in various locations.  Always get in touch for the Glassworld expertise and experience.

Vacani Resort.

A multi-faceted project with installations of windows, doors and stainless steel railings.

Taita Taveta County HQ. Offices.

A robust project that called for modern glass doors windows and pro office partitioning

Residential & Corporate Structures.

A private investment that needed secure and up-to date aluminum window installations.